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Sharon Orlopp

After spending 30+ years in Fortune 500 companies in senior executive roles in HR and Diversity & Inclusion, I am actively engaged with figuratively writing the next chapter of my life. I am passionate about everyday inclusive behaviors that create a sense of belonging for everyone and I am an avid people champion.

I am an inspirational speaker, book reviewer, and author with a keen bent on stories that touch the heart and change behaviors. Stories create human connection. Stories are emotion in motion. We all have a story within us. I am fascinated and mesmerized by other people’s stories. I am an inspirational speaker and author with a keen bent on stories that touch the heart and change behaviors.

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Favorite Five Star Goodreads Reviews

Standing Up After Saigon

Sharing an extraordinary journey of resilience and love through overwhelming hardship, Standing up after Saigon: The Triumphant Story of Hope, Determination, and Reinvention is the memoir of Thuhang Tran as told by author Sharon Orlopp.

Contracting polio at age two and falling victim to the oppressive regime that overtook Saigon after its fall in the Vietnam War, Thuhang has led anything but an easy, ordinary life. Her father, Chinh, was lost to Thuhang and her family in the evacuations from Saigon, and for fifteen long years they remained separated—but desperate to reunite. Orlopp documented decades in the lives of Thuhang and Chinh to capture their incredible tale of triumph over adversity.

"Sharon Orlopp and Thuhang Tran have written what will soon be an international classic."

Nell Merlino

Creator, Take Our Daughters to Work Day; author, activist, speaker, and consultant focused on empowering girls and women