Before reading Spare, I watched the six episode Harry & Meghan on Netflix. I give both the book and the Netflix documentary five stars! I also read and highly recommend Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

Memoir is my favorite genre and I naturally gravitate to books where the obstacles seem unsurmountable, yet the author is able to create their own path forward despite fighting against real or perceived barriers, prison-like bars that trap them, familial expectations, cultural norms, or other challenges such as war, poverty, violence, disasters, disabilities, etc.

I have no idea what living in a gilded cage would feel like with country, press, and family restraints. Add into that bubble-like existence not being or feeling valued or respected because the monarchy hierarchy doesn’t view you as important. If I had to live that way, I would be one rebelliou

s hell-raiser trying desperately to find my way out of that life and into the life I dreamed and imagined for myself.

I also have no idea what life would be like if my mother, an incredible beacon of light, passed away early and I was left to fend for myself within a family that doesn’t show emotion or compassion.

From watching the Netflix documentary, I firmly believe that Harry and Meghan love each other very deeply. How the press and bloggers treat Meghan, particularly from a race perspective, is horrendous. If I was Harry, I would continually worry that relentless paparazzi could potentially cause harm or death to Meghan, which would be an unfortunate repeat of history.

I admire Harry’s authenticity, self-awareness (yes, he has made mistakes and he has learned from them—he has a terrific continual learner mindset), grit, determination, and fierce devotion to ensuring the health and safety of Meghan and their children.

Against all odds, he is defining his identity and his future. He is the captain of his soul and his life. In his book, he states that freedom comes after struggle. He has struggled through many things and I am rooting for Harry and Meghan and their family to have many, many years of happiness and freedom.