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Remarkably Bright Creatures

Incredible!! 5+ stars and highly recommend!

I listened to Shelby Van Pelt’s book, Remarkably Bright Creatures, on audiobook and I highly recommend listening to the book. Michael Urie does a phenomenal job as Marcellus, a giant Pacific octopus who is smarter than humans and is an escape artist at night from his tank (captivity) at Sowell Bay Aquarium. Marin Ireland narrates other characters and has an amazing Scottish brogue for the character of Ethan.

Like other book reviewers, I was skeptical about a book regarding an octopus but I was immediately captivated. Similar to other reviewers, I researched octopus information and they are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates and they can radically alter their body shape to squeeze through small gaps.

The character development, dialogue, and drama of Tova, Cameron, Ethan, and Avery are terrific. Van Pelt does an amazing job on dealing with tough topics like death, loss, and grief as well as more positive issues of relationships, friendship, and interconnectedness.

Highly recommend!